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Сенс? / Смысл? / Sense?

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Сенс? / Смысл? / Sense?

Повідомлення kbg_dnepr » 10 липня 2021, 20:28

У мене дуже відгукнулися роздуми про сенс генеалогічного пошуку американського колеги:

As social psychologist Erich Fromm (1955; p. 67) observed, our mental health is dependentupon the “satisfaction of those needs and passions which are specifically human, and whichstem from the conditions of the human situation: the need for relatedness, transcendence, rootedness, the need for a sense of identity, and the need for a frame of orientation anddevotion.”Much of what Fromm theorized rings true for those who have a genealogical mission. There is a drive that fuels us to seek dimly lit archives, haunt cemeteries, purchase access to the latest databases, and even convince distant relatives to provide DNA samples all in an effort to find the next piece of evidence that might connect us to our ancestors.The motivation for those of us with a genealogical passion may be different; however, themeans to the end accomplishes the same. Perhaps Fromm was correct. By searching who weare, we gain that sense of self; we fulfill the need for relatedness; we transcend time and spaceand connect with our deep ancestry; and, we create that framework that orients us on who we are from what has been passed down through the generations via 23 pairs of chromosomes that are uniquely ours.

James M. Owston
Глушак (Брянськ.) Ковальов Федосенко mt H5a (Могилевськ.)
Оглотков I2a2b (Горбат. п. НГГ) Алькін Душин Жарков Кульдішов mt U5a1 Баландін (Симб. губ.)
Клишкін R1a1a Власенко Сакунов Кучерявенко (Глухів)
Кириченко Бондаренко Білоус Страшний mt T2a1 (Новомоск. Дніпроп.)
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